Tips for students working locally during the COVID-19 pandemic

August 25, 2020

The Covid-19 Guide for Working Students

Whether it’s helping community members move furniture, pick up groceries, or babysit their kids, it’s important to follow public safety guidelines and keep yourself and those you’re helping safe. Follow these simple tips:

1. Opt for remote/zero-contact work, whenever possible

If it’s tutoring, ask if it can be done through Zoom or some other online video conferring platform first. If you have to pick up or drop items off, ask them to leave the items at the door. If you are doing a lawn or garden related job, ask them to give you directions from a safe, 6+ feet distance or send the directions to you via the Hire app chat.

2. For face-to-face work, always wear a mask

Unless you are outside and socially distanced, you should always wear a mask! It is important to consider your own safety, your family’s safety, as well as the safety of the community members you are helping.

3. Minimize touching personal items and wash hands regularly

For jobs that require entering a person’s home, such as moving help, tutoring, or babysitting, be attentive of the surfaces you are exposing yourself to, and wash your hands at regular intervals (once or twice per hour). If possible, try to babysit or tutor in spacious areas like the outdoors. 

4. Understand a family’s COVID rules before entering their space

When you claim a job via Hire, regardless if it’s an outdoor errand or an indoor task, please ask your hirer’s personal COVID rules and if you are required to wear a mask during the job. Every hirer is different!


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