Students: Getting Started with Hire

September 5, 2020

Hi there! Welcome to the Hire Community.

The Hire App allows community members post jobs. As a student, you will receive a notification when a job is posted (as long as your notifications are turned on) and be able to see the description of the job and claim it. After claiming the job, you can chat with the hirer and get paid and reviewed through the app once the job is done.

Here are a few tips to get started and build an awesome profile that gets you hired. 

1. Complete your profile

Make sure that all the fields are filled out in your profile, especially Bio and School. If you are a recent grad or are taking a break from school, simply write in the last school you attended. Also make sure that your bank account is connected to your profile, so that you can get paid!

2. Add your work capabilities 

In your profile, add ALL the types of work you are interested in doing (e.g. babysitting, yard work, tutoring, etc.). Communities members might search for students based on work categories, and if yours is not filled in you may be overlooked for certain jobs.

3. Details, details, details!!!

From your bio to your work description, make sure you add details about your experience. For instance, writing the number of years you’ve mowed lawns, how many kids you’ve babysat, and whether you can bring your own snow shovel are all important details to add.

4. Community Recs: SUPER IMPORTANT!

Simple fact: if you don’t have any community recommendations, your account will look unverified and your profile might be passed on during job matches. Through the Recs tab, connect your contacts and ask for recommendations from your parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in your local area. It only takes a few minutes for others to confirm a recommendation. You will also earn recommendations through completing jobs. The more recommendations you have, the stronger your profile and the more likely you will get matched to jobs!

5. No available jobs? No worries

There might not be any available jobs in your area when you sign up. It’s okay. Make sure you have completed Steps 1 through 4 above, especially 4, and you will eventually receive a notification when a job becomes available. Thanks for your patience!

Make sure you have your notifications for Hire turned on (check your settings in the app and on your phone and set notifications on).

Reach out to the Hire Support team through the Chat in the Hire app.


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