5 Ways for Students to Make Money During COVID

September 5, 2020

5 Ways for Students to Make Money During COVID

Times are hard, and part-time jobs as scarce. That's why Hire, a community jobs app, is here to help students and homeowners alike. Read about 5 kinds of jobs that you can do as a student in your own community, on your own schedule, through Hire.

1. Lawn mowing, yard work $15-30/hr

If you like to be outdoors or you regularly mow your own lawn, this could be a good job to explore. Mowing jobs could be a one time gig while the homeowner is on vacation or for a whole summer if they are looking for regular help. Be sure to determine if you will use your mower or the homeowner's mower. Raking leaves, planting flowers, weeding, and trimming hedges also fall under this category, and they can be done alone or with the homeowner's guidance.

Ask if the homeowner is supplying the mower, of if you have to come with your own. Usually, they will have one at their house.

2. Tutoring (Remote) $18-40/hr

In the era of remote learning, parents are desperate for extra academic support for their children, whether is one-on-one Zoom learning or in-person, outside studying. For high schoolers, college students, and recent graduates, this is a great time to offer either online tutoring via Zoom or safe, in-person tutoring that is held in a COVID-friendly environment.

3. Babysitting $12-30/hr

With many schools and day cares closed, life during COVID-19 is utter chaos for working parents. Many of these parents are looking for one-time or regular babysitters. Be communicative about each family's mask policy, and make sure to discuss safety measures (i.e. social distancing, playing outside, etc).

4. Moving, cleaning $12-35/hr

Whether it’s setting up Ikea furniture, moving a couch into a U-Haul, or cleaning out the shed, homeowners in your area are in constant need of help while moving into or out of a house, or just general cleaning, especially during the summer months. 

5. Housework, DIY Projects $12-35/hr

Sometimes community members, especially those that are seniors or live alone, will undertake a DIY project like a kitchen renovation, bathroom tub installation, or greenhouse construction, and realize halfway through that they need an extra pair of hands to hold pieces in places or steady a ladder while they are working. This is where you come in! Not only can you make good money through these jobs, but you will also be able to pick up key skills like wiring and plumbing under the wing of the community member.

5. Odd Jobs, $12-45/hr

The golden needle of local jobs: random, specific, technical jobs like setting up a bluetooth speaker, helping with a Word Doc, or emptying an email inbox. These are jobs that local community members, especially seniors, need help with and have a hard time sourcing reliable work. These jobs often take an hour or two, and people are willing to pay big bucks for computer-related work!


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